DM2014 was held on February 22, 2014 at the Aberdeen Inverness dining hall at UCR and completely shattered previous records, raising over $30, 347.83 for the Guardian Scholars Program with over 400 students attending. Aided by a $20,000 matching gift from an anonymous donor, DM2014 raised over $50,347.83 and set the bar for years to come.

DM2014 also marked a three-peat for the top fundraising individual & top group fundraiser!

Top Fundraising group: Go-Go Guardian Scholars
Top Fundraising individual: Kafele Khalfani

Recap video

The DM2014 planning committee continues to grow even bigger to meet the demands of the large event.


Executive Director
Jane Kim

Director of Marketing
Fannie Martinez

Director of Logistics
Jennifer Frias

Director of Finance
Joshua Bhatnagar

Director of Outreach
Emma Elakesh

Chief Financial Officer
Ashish Sud

Human Resources Chair
Sneha Sharma

Corporate Sponsors Chair
Anne Maria Simpson

Housing Outreach Chair
Abigail Escobar

Special Events Chair
Jillian Rausa

Student Life Outreach Chair
Michelle Le

Marketing Chair
Gabrielle Tolero

Greek Life Outreach Chair
Riko Ngan

Layout&Design Chair
Brittany Morello

Non-Corporate Sponsors Chair
Rina Kotak