1. What is Dance Marathon (DM)?

    DM is a student-run, philanthropic endeavor that raises money for the Guardian Scholars Program which provides educational assistance to former foster youth.

  2. How do I get involved?

    You can start by getting signed up today! To attend the event, dancers must raise a minimum of $25 for the registration fee.

  3. Who can attend?

    Students, faculty, and staff are welcome to attend.

  4. Why do you have a minimum fee for attending? Shouldn’t any money at all be good enough?

    While we agree that every dollar counts, we want to inspire our participants to give back as much as possible. By setting a minimum, we are ensuring that our efforts will produce the best result possible. Also, please note that we will not offer refunds for those who do not raise $25 or are unable to attend.

  5. But $25 is a LOT!

    $25 might seem like a lot, but by raising $25, you will have access to an awesome event with DJs, prize give aways and free food while donating to an amazing cause! When you think about $25 equates to five days’ worth of designer coffee! Can you forego two cups of coffee a month to raise money and give former foster youth the gift of education?

  6. Okay, so what’s in it for me?

    Besides the good feeling of giving back to an awesome cause, you also get to have a non-stop six-hour excitement fest with games, food, prizes, and general awesomeness.

  7. Does “marathon” mean that it’s a competition to see who can dance the longest?

    In this sense, we use the term “Marathon” to mean “a super long time.” DM is more like an extended party to celebrate your hard work to raise money for the Guardian Scholars Program.

  8. But I’m a terrible dancer!

    Our adviser, Kristin, is right there with you. She’s an awful dancer. But for this cause, she’s willing to show off her terrible moves. Trust us, you can’t be worse than she is.

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